With a VISION, I now have a PURPOSE.

BRIDGE the gap between you, me, healthcare and POSITIVE, permanent CHANGE.

INFUSE Postural Restoration into everything LIVING.


CREATE positive, habit forming changes that last.


EMPOWER all who will listen to SEEK a greater understanding of their body and mind.


CHANGE people's perspectives on the norm.


GUIDE people to pain-free, effortless movement.


ENJOY the giddy excitement each and every time we DISCOVER something new together.


LOVE every minute of the journey.


You Healing You

This means BLURRING the lines of our traditional thinking and medical models.

Let's BLUR the lines of therapy, training, treatment, coaching, interventions, diagnosis.

Let's BLUR the interdisciplinary boundaries of how we can HELP people.

Let's put aside all the BARRIERS to our own wellness.

Let's sit down and LISTEN to each other and seek to better UNDERSTAND ourselves.

Let's EMBARK on a journey of discovery.

The DISCOVERY of You Healing You.

The Backstory

I was a physical therapist with a job I was struggling to LOVE. I was trying to figure out where I fit into the physical therapy world and what direction I wanted to be heading.  I was continuously applying new concepts I had learned in my recent Postural Restoration training with as many people as who would listen. However, I was FRUSTRATED with the patient demographic at my JOB. I was looking for inspiration to fuel my new FIRE.  It was my family members, personal training clients, and co-workers who were expressing amazing CHANGES is a short amount of time with a few tips and tricks I was sharing. This is it where the VISION begins.

“I had a DREAM I was on a journey where I was able to SHARE discoveries with people who enjoyed things I ENJOY. Where I was able to infinitely LEARN and ‘geek out’ daily with IDEAS that fueled my SOUL and people that filled my HEART with joy. I was trusted to GUIDE people on a discovery process that would change all our lives forever. That work would never feel like a JOB again if we all were GROWING together. I was FULFILLED. The DREAM was burned into my daytime existence as if it were REAL.”

-Fearless Self

The Wall

I ran into a WALL.


The problem now was I did not want to be working so hard for something that was not MY DREAM. Working hard where every day felt like you were on the proverbial hamster wheel. Feeling like there was a limit to the CHANGE I could elicit.  Where factors out of my control were influencing how I provided treatment for patients. I needed CHANGE in my job.

The Epiphany

Living Your Own VISION


That’s when I realized that the SECRET to figuring out where I fit into the Physical Therapy world was not in finding the "perfect" job or setting to work in, it was to make my VISION an every day reality.  And here we are.

I will spend every day, for the rest of my life teaching people how to FEEL themselves better through BREATH and guiding them to strengthening the MIND-BODY connection to tap into each individuals healing POTENTIAL.

It is POWERFUL to live out your own visions. 

How can I help you live yours?

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