Movement and Posture Specialist

Whether you are a weekend warrior, recovering from an injury, or a performance athlete, I am here to make you perform your BEST.

Multiple level of services are offered according to your body and movement NEEDS!

Over 10 years of experience with movement training. 

How can I help you be your BEST?

Physical Therapy 

Your PRIMARY care Musculoskeletal PROVIDER

One-on One with your PHYSICAL THERAPIST.  

Including assessments, treatment, education, posture restoration.

Posture Restoration and Consulting

Your RESTING Position Matters!

Are your aches, pains and injuries part of a bigger picture? Posture is the BIG picture. 

This is the answer that will CONNECT all the aches and pains into a larger pattern. 

Changing how your BRAIN holds your body will give you the movement FREEDOM you have been missing.

Strength and Performance Training

CRUSH your strength and performance BARRIERS

Unlocking your body's full potential through guided, specialized, clinical driven, strength training.

One-on-One Strength Training with a DOCTOR of the neuromuscular system.

You are training with a MOVEMENT technician and joint ALIGNMENT SPECIALIST. 

With a skilled eye in movement and body alignment, along with vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, this is the perfect PERSONAL TRAINER for power and performance!

This is the ONLY way to take your training to the  next LEVEL!

VIRTUAL Training


Connect anywhere, anytime with your therapist and trainer!

Have you ever wished you had your physical therapist with you with you are doing your Home Exercise Program?


What if your PT or trainer can be there with you in the gym when you are performing your 1 Rep Max?


Exactly where you need a movement any time! 


Inspiring others to share knowledge and experiences

Join us at  Postural Solution and find out why the quality of our services is unmatched. Get in touch and learn how we can help you today.

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